Thursday, April 8, 2010

Adventures in Doggy-hood.

I've been on a blogging hiatus. But I haven't blogged in a while because I have been so busy. That's nice. We have mostly been busy, because we were asked to choreograph the High School's Musical, "Once Upon a Mattress". (And might I add that I can't wait for Elise to move back to town because she was one of the few who showed genuine interest in supporting our theatricity {and yes I made up that word. It sounds cool though.}) Anyway, it has been really great to be working with Barry (even though we don't always agree) for the show. We have almost done every single number together and I wouldn't want to spend the day any other way than dancing with my best friend!

The second reason I have been extremely busy is..... DRUM ROLL...... we got a dog. Remember how I was blubbering about a little Blue Weenie. Well, we went back to the pet store weeks later (why do I torture myself?), and they were harboring more of those adorable little Blue Weenies, so we gave in a bought one. And it has a line right down the middle of its face just like the first one I fell in love with, so once again, we named it Harvey (after Two-Face from batman, get it?).

He is adorable.

And a puppy.

And certainly not house-trained.

Which is why we don't allow him in any of our rooms.

Which is why it was frustrating that Grayson let him in the house before I could stop him, and the little Weenie ran into Grayson's bedroom and hid in his bed as we were all shouting at him to stop.

And then I ran into the room and picked him up.

Little did I know he was peeing.

I guess it's hard to turn off the water hose, mid-stream.

I unintentionally aimed him straight at my poor son's face.

Grayson was wailing before I could turn the dog away to spray the rest of the room.

Barry took the dog.

Probably so I wouldn't kill it.

I took a sobbing Grayson to the tub.

He very well may be scarred for life.

But I'm still thinking we can use this. The next time Grayson is disobedient...

"Don't make me get Harvey!"