Sunday, April 27, 2014

Out of the mouth of babes...

Today Jaye sat on my bed and nonchalantly said, "When you and Daddy die, when we're older. When Grayson's 17. He's going to have to learn how to drive or we will just have to watch t.v. at home all day." 

Where did that come from?!? 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Grayson's Tonsils

    Ugh. What a horrible, miserable, ridiculously stressful/frustrating few days we've had. Grayson's tonsils are GIGANTIC. They practically touch whenever he opens his mouth, and sometimes we hear Gray's breath catch while he's sleeping. The Doc said that they, as well as his adnoids, needed to come out to help with his breathing. After reassuring us that it wouldn't be too bad, and he would recover quickly, we scheduled the procedure right before Easter. 

   We got a babysitter for the girls, but since Barry is out of school for the week, we thought it would be easy to tag-team taking care of Jackson at the hospital. Until Barry woke up with a NASTY stomach bug the morning OF surgery. But I still thought it wouldn't be a big deal with the baby, since it sounded like we would be in and out in a few hours.

   When Barry had his colonoscopy, I stayed in the large waiting room, so I was planning on being there for this. I thought Jackson would just be able to crawl around the whole time and be completely happy. But I ended up stuck in a little room with wires and cords everywhere, so I couldn't set him down. And what the doctor explained as a quick procedure, was really a six hour stay in this tiny little room that Jackson couldn't move in. 

  Here we are right when Grayson got into his hospital gown. 

 An hour before we arrived at the hospital we had to put numbing cream on his hands and wrap them in suran-wrap.
He thought the way his hands pruned up was hilarious. 

The very last picture of Grayson's tonsils. 

Grayson was loving all the attention and the fact that after this was over he got to open a new lego set... until the nurse set down the big IV needle right in front of him. He FLIPPED. There was NO consoling him, so they ended up having to knock him out with gas first. Which is what I told them to do in the first place. Grrrr... 

This is him worrying about the IV. He kept saying "I don't want water in me!" because that's how the nurse explained the IV. 

The procedure itself was fast. But when he woke up... Boy Howdy! He was screaming in pain!
The nurses all "Ahhhh"ed when he still managed to smile on our way out of the hospital. The pain meds had kicked in by then. She also said it was nice that he could fit in the child-sized wheel chair because most kids don't. There's a sad commentary on child obesity. (but that's a discussion for another time.) 

Grayson has been DROOLING like crazy ever since the operation. I think it's because he refuses to swallow, but this picture made me laugh. He's sleeping on me. 

I know I've complained a lot about the whole ordeal. But it was super stressful! There was a moment when both Grayson and Jackson were wailing that I just about lost it, so I sent out a mass text to the ward... begging for someone to come get Jackson. And I received an angel's answer. my neighbor just said, "Be there in 5 minutes!" 

And she was! It was SUCH a blessing! I was able to focus on ONE child in need. Until I got home and had to take care of everyone... including a sick husband. But we had people bring us dinner and popcicles and the blessings just keep pouring in. 

Although it's been a terrible experience, it's also been a humbling experience... full of gratitude and love. 


Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE to enter contests. So when I saw the flyer at the public library for a "PEEPS" contest... I got excited. In honor of National Library Week and Easter, our local library was asking for dioramas based on published books. The rules just stated it had to have at least one peep in the scene, so here are our entries. 

I think I've been a little obsessed with Dr. Seuss since that is the theme for girl's camp this coming summer. So my mind immediately went to "Cat in the Hat". I think it turned out so cute! 

 . Grayson picked "Chicken Little". He loved the dangling acorn, it just makes me laugh it's so adorable!
 I was so proud of Jaye for writing her own title on her diorama. Not bad since she just started trying to write. Do you spot Waldo? haha

None of us won, but they gave all the participants a package of peeps which made the kids think they "won" a prize. I just hope that we are teaching our kids to be active members of their community. Fun times!