Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It's official...

There is nothing more annoying than getting three kids all packed and loaded into the car just to pull out of the drive way and realize the front door is still wide open.

I seem to do that a lot lately.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


     We must be cursed. Growing up, whenever I would complain about someone to my mom, my mom would always say, "The Pox on them!" A "curse" she got from her mother. Obviously, someone wished the Chicken Pox on the Ricks. Sunday, I noticed a few mosquito bites on Jaye's tummy and they progressively got worse until her entire tummy was covered in little red, welty, bumps. Tuesday, I saw a few little bumps on Grayson's stomach and we decided to call the doctor.
       I thought for sure they were just having allergies, so we told Grayson that after we visited the doctor, we would go to the store and buy a Beyblade with his birthday money. (Something he really REALLY WANTED TO BUY.) That was dumb of us to promise. After the doctor looked at them, he turned toward me and started flapping his wings. Chicken pox?!? Really? I didn't know that was even still around! He told me that the sickness wouldn't manifest harshly because they have both been immunized but he said we needed to keep the kids home for 5-7 days. He even had us exit his office out of the back door, instead of through the front waiting room, so we wouldn't be exposing other children!
    When we got in the car, Grayson excitedly asked if we were headed to the store to buy his Beyblade... Oh No. You have no idea how difficult it is to explain to a four year old, that the few little tummy bumps he has means he is sick and cannot leave the house! He has been begging me every day if he could go to the store, go outside, have his uncle over to play, wake Daddy up, have friends over, have the babysitter come watch him... he even cried when I wouldn't take him to the doctor with me! We've all been miserably stuck.  Although, I laughed when I looked through the pictures I've taken this week, it seems like we've had the best week ever! I've tried to keep them entertained... but I count down the days until Tuesday when we can leave... and interact with human beings!!!
(Some pics from the last few weeks.These really show my kids personalities... we are just a bunch a goofs up in here.)

Painting little figurines from the Dollar Tree... that blessed store...

Finger painting...

I had to leave the table to feed Laycee, and all the sudden Grayson starts laughing and shows me how he has painted his arms... great. Thank goodness for washable paint!!! (From the Dollar Tree!)


Running around chasing each other to pass the time.

                                          Like I said... we're just a bunch of goofballs
           I bought like 5 cups worth of random buttons for a buck at a yard sale. They finally came in handy!

Two more cursed days... We can do this!!!