Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cute poem

(I was browsing the internet for Young Women activity ideas and found this poem. The lady changed it from the classic "prayer rock" poem. She said she gave this poem to her YW with a dollar store cell phone. This is so cute!)

You Know His Number

His line is never busy,

pick up your phone and see,

You will always be able to reach Him,

just drop to your knees.

You have unlimited minutes,

I know you have been told,

And I will guarantee one thing,

you'll not be asked "will you hold?"

I'm not a "little prayer rock"

so don't tuck me in you drawer,

Don't put me under your pillow

or chuck me on the floor.

But keep me close beside you

and use me all the time,

For in this world around us,

Satan's at his prime.

You can call when you need Him

or just to have a chat,

Just bow your head and call

"Heavenly Father, where are you at?"

And when there's an emergency,

no need to dial 911,

Just close you eyes and say "

help me out or forgive me for what I have done.

It's never to late to call Him,

He never goes to bed.

Remember, "ask and ye shall receive,"

is what He said.

So next time when your feeling down

or maybe feeling blue,

Just pick up your little prayer phone,

He'd love too hear from you.

- Rhonda Shawver

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Life's hard questions

     Grayson wasn’t listening to me when I told him not to put a plastic bag over his head. He thought it was too funny, so I had to pull out all the stops and tell him that if he did that it could kill him. I had him plug his nose and try to breathe, and then explained that the bag could do the same thing to his nose and he could die. (The scaring tactic, my least favorite of parenting techniques.)

Grayson just looked at me and asked, “And Jesus wouldn’t heal me?”

Now how are you supposed to answer that one?!?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Guess what? Today marks our first month in Rexburg! It feels like we have been here waaaay longer than that (in a good way), but I still can’t believe we are here! Life doesn’t feel quite chaotic anymore. I almost have Jaye’s room put together, although I still haven’t figured out if I want to hide my baking dishes under her bed or in her closet. (Our kitchen has NO storage space). I haven’t figured out how to do laundry cleanly. I just sort clothes out in the hall, and the piles stay there until I’m done. But Wednesdays are Story time at the library and Thursdays are play group at the church. It’s nice to have two weekly scheduled events.

Barry still hasn’t found a job. Who knew there wouldn’t be any part time jobs available in a small town with thousands of college students? But he is WAY MORE brave than me, and donates plasma twice a week for 50 bucks. So, we still continue to be disgusting and eat out about once a week with his “Blood Money”. We already have our favorite places to eat, The “Pizza Pie CafĂ©” and “Costa Vida”. We are making the rounds to all the ice cream/ frozen yogurt places in town still. It’s been fun. (Thank goodness for breast feeding, I haven’t gained any weight!)

I just got my hands on the number for a speech therapy preschool for Grayson, so hopefully I will be able to get him enrolled there. Jaye is getting her speech evaluation for in-home therapy this Friday. Laycee is only five months old and starting to crawl to my great chagrin. I’m still letting the kids watch way too much t.v. as I try to get adjusted to our new lives, but it’s starting to all fall into place.

I don’t have too many friends yet, but the ones I have are worth their weight in gold! (Shout out to Melody and Kylie!) I’ve also had the chance to do a lot of service, including cleaning the temple (AMAZING!!!!), and take some meals to sick and/or pregnant women.

People wonder if I miss Carlsbad. No. I really don’t. I miss a handful of wonderful people. And I am sooooooo grateful that we lived there and grew there for five years, but I really love the change. I’ve been working to get my fingers in all the pies, so I’ve already been hired in the month of February to help with Story time (A paid gig! WOO!). I’ve already met a bunch of people on the Community Theatre Board (who seem interested in my help) and I’ve gotten involved in some of the Community Events. The library gave out free copies of this Pulitzer Prize book, “The Bridge of San Luis Rey” to the community, and all month long they are hosting different forums and dances and stuff relating to the book- so awesome!

A member of the bishopric is coming over tomorrow night, we assume to give us callings. I can’t wait! Barry has really worked hard during his breaks at school to get homework down so we can spend time together in the evening. He’s amazing and we’ve had such a fun time!

Anyway, there is my first month in a new life. I feel like I’m writing a Christmas letter. But hopefully, we will continue to enjoy it here. I’m sure it will get worse when Finals come along, but I am so glad that we are here, and we are doing something to improve our family… as a family.