Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another motherhood moment...

So, Barry and I are involved in the community theatre's summer musical, "Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat". Fortunately for us, Grayson's bedtime falls right about the time that rehearsal starts, so for the last few weeks we have just carted him and his portable bed with us. We set up the bed in a back room and baddabing... Instant bedtime. It has worked out so well, and no one in the cast has been bothered by our home-away-from-home-ing.


Tonight, Grayson cried for about half an hour. When he realized that no one was coming to his rescue, he climbed out of his crib to find us. (It's a really small theatre, so hold back your gasps. We could hear him open the door kind of small theatre.) So he runs over to me and.... he's poopy. Like the find a gas mask and run for your life, kind of poopy.


We forgot his diaper bag.


Barry and I had to hold him for the entire rehearsal which ran 40 minutes later than it usually does.

And now........

we all smell like find the gas mask and run for your life poop.

My deepest apologies go out to the cast who had to be near us tonight. I apologize. I'm a mommy. And I stink.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Well, it's official! Barry and I are having a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOO!!! I am sooooo excited!
And we are officially scheduled to have my C-section (I have to have a C-section. They don't allow VBAC's in Carlsbad) on October 6th! I don't know what time yet, but that's the News! YAY for babies!
This is the most innappropriate picture I will ever post of my little girl. When the doctor was checking the sex, he said, "Oh, I see a little hamburger!" I said, "did you just call it a hamburger?" and he points at it and says, "Well, that's what it looks like!" haha! So there you go. With Grayson they said they saw his "little floater" and now we have a "little hamburger"! Do you think they teach those terms in medical school? hahaha!
Here's her face. (We only have a 2D Sonogram machine here) She sort of looks like an japanese anime character... haha

Monday, June 22, 2009

Another day...

Well, today was MORTIFYING!!!! The worst moment of Mommyhood, thus far. We just got back from Alabama, so our fridge was completely empty. Grayson and I decided to do a harmless shopping trip to Walmart. Now, Grayson is WILD. RAMBUNCTIOUS. ANTSY. (Insert your own word here). He WILL NOT sit in the basket with a seat belt, so I let him ride in the cart (ignoring the warning sign they place on all shopping carts) but it has worked out well so far.

Today, I was simply reaching for a loaf of bread, turning my back for five brief seconds, just to turn around in time to see my son nose dive out of the shopping cart and hit his head on the floor. (It looked awful, I honestly thought he broke his neck for a few seconds.) But, two Walmart workers just happened to be walking by when it happened so they jump on their walkie-talkies and call a bunch of people over with a first aid kit and paper work. The store manager comes and makes me fill out a statement paper, and then she kept asking me, "Now you DIDN'T have him strapped in, correct?" She asked me that like five times, as if making sure I knew the whole incident was my fault. I was so grateful though, a passerby just happened to be an EMT so she came over and checked out Grayson and she actually snapped at the manager, pointing out that their shopping cart didn't even have a seat belt on it. Finally, they warned me about the signs of concussions, brought me a new cart with a seat belt, then told me they would be calling tomorrow and left after asking me if I was sure Grayson didn't need an icepack. I was just waiting for her to give me the "worst mother of the year" award, the way she was treating me. After they left, the EMT lady said, "Don't let them bother you, they're just worried about getting sued. All three of my kids have had broken noses and arms by falling off of stuff... that's just what kids do. "
It was nice to have someone there be a little understanding or sympathetic. I KNOW it was my fault (and partially my wild child's fault) for falling out of the cart. But still... it was so embarrassing. I guess I am officially inducted into the Motherhood club. Luckily Grayson didn't even get a bruise. I won't be stepping foot in a store for a while.