Friday, April 19, 2013

Dating and Marriage activity

     This post is mainly for my Mom who wanted to see pictures. But this last Tuesday evening we had a combined Young Women activity about dating and marriage. The first half of the activity focused on the purpose of dating and virtuous living. Following this section, we announced to the girls that we were now going to go to their fake wedding reception where they could dream about what kind of future wedding (and groom) they really wanted.

    For the reception, there were three tables set up, and a cake table complete with an ADORABLE wedding cake made by my talented friend! While we ate the cake, a newlywed and a woman who has been married for 60 years spoke on the blessings of a temple marriage in their own lives... it was a sweet, wonderful evening. And the wedding cake was AWESOME!

I LOVE this wrapping paper, found it at Walmart of all places.

The little favors on the table were lemon heads and bliss chocolate (to go with the purple and yellow theme) and the attached note said, "Don't settle for a "sour" relationship when you can have eternal "bliss".
Cheesy, but they were so cute!

At the end, the girls got to get a gift from the "gift table". Each bag had a ring pop and a booklet with group date ideas, and quotes about dating, sexual purity, and eternal marriage.

The cake was soooooo cute, vanilla cake with raspberry filling, and homemade marshmallow fondant! And she made it all while miserably sick and newly pregnant. Talk about amazing!

I hope the girls felt inspired. I know it sure made me appreciate my marriage and my STUD-MUFFIN husband!