Monday, September 30, 2013

you learn something new every day...

     During a play date at my house, all the kids requested drinks. Grayson poured everyone a cup full of apple juice, and proceeded to chug his. This was followed by a gigantic burp, which was then followed by proud giggles by my son. 

     His friend looked at him incredulously and said, "that was not funny." Grayson assured his friend that it was funny and burst into another fit of giggles. 

    "Well," said the friend in response, "I am a Mormon, and we don't laugh at burps." 

    Grayson asked, "What's a Mormon?"

    "It means you don't laugh at burps."

    At this point, Laycee tasted her apple juice (which she doesn't like) and spit it out. The boy turned to her and proclaimed, "Mormons don't spit either."

What an educational play date for all of us uncouth Ricks! 

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Life with Four

      I haven't written a blog since June. I would say that is really pathetic of me... but I was busy baking a baby and wallowing in misery. Which is a pretty good excuse for not writing, if you ask me! But I am hoping to start up again, at least a few blogs a month. 

      Today, I'm just posting about life with the new baby, of course! First off, kudos to Target for having baskets like these! It's the FIRST time since Jackson was born that all FOUR kids were contained! Every store should have these shopping carts- GENIUS! 

    My thoughts about four kids. NOT as hard as I was expecting. For nine months, I asked mothers how hard four kids were to them. The best answer was a woman who nearly laughed maniacally as she described she felt like she was living in a circus. And with the laugh that accompanied her answer, I'm assuming she wasn't picturing the fun, happy kind of circus! 

     That woman had me nervous I would be thrown into the three rings, and life would be miserable. But as I sit here typing, nothing really feels all that different, except I have a baby sleeping on my lap, while I type over his head. 

       Also, I thought for sure we would be home-bound forever more, there was just no way I could handle taking four kids out at once. But as my "Target" photo has proven... we go out. A lot. And it's not as bad as I pictured. Although, I do strangely feel like taking a nap any time we come home from an outing. (Insert sarcastic voice) I wonder why?

    Today, I even braved a trip to Idaho Falls alone with all the kids! All for the sake of free face-painting. I'm a sucker for FREE. We still had to cough up $15 bucks at Ijump (this AWESOME building that is like a giant trampoline floor), but it came with FREE face painting. TOTALLY worth it!  

Notice, Jackson is not pictured. Why? Because he's sleeping . 

     So to answer my own question, life is good. It feels like I still just have three kids along with this adorable little pet that sleeps on my lap all day. I know when I blink, I'll suddenly be chasing a wrecking-ball toddler. But life with four so far... is a circus. The happy, fun kind. 

    PLUS, we can FINALLY call ourselves "The Ricks Six". I've been fantasizing about the day I could use that name.