Monday, November 16, 2009

My poor back...

This morning I woke up, using every sore muscle in my back to stay on the three inches of mattress space I had... Jaye slept in our bed last night and some how, Grayson found a way to stuff himself in between the three of us this morning. I looked up and saw Him and Jaye sleeping peacefully, and poor Barry sleeping warily at the other side of our queen-size, practically dangling over the edge. And the discomfort made me happy. I LOVE those brief moments of quiet family togetherness.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our first outing

Today was my very first day to take both of my children out in public... alone. Jaye had a checkup scheduled... and I was extremely confident. I brought an extra bag full of toys, activities, and goodies for Grayson's entertainment. We got to the Doctor's office and I got a huge stack of papers to fill out for the baby (this was her first appointment, because of certain circumstances, we didn't have the one week check up.) So I am trying to fill out papers... I have Jaye wrapped comfortably in her carseat with Grayson beside me coloring- things were great.

And then...

Jaye started crying, she decided she was hungry even though I fed her 45 minutes earlier. Then Grayson sees an empty cup in the garbage, pulls it out and tries to drink out of it- YUCK! So I tackle him down and get him a clean cup and visit the water cooler. We get back to our seats, and I pull out my nursing wrap and start feeding the baby while Grayson, I have yet to understand how he came to this conclusion, decides that a cone shaped cup will stand on it's own and tries to set it on the seat beside ours and it dumps out all over the place. So Jaye is put on hold while we clean up our mess. I get back to feeding Jaye, and Grayson goes back to the water cooler.

Now, I'm not being biased here, but I have an extremely smart child... which is why I was EXTREMELY surprised when he tried to set the cone shaped cup down again.... so that mess gets cleaned up and I get back to Jaye. THEN, Grayson sees that whomever had just walked in, didn't close the front door all the way so he swings the door wide open and tries to run outside. I snatched the sleeve of his jacket just before he made it out, so I am sitting there nursing Jaye and probably squishing her head the way I was leaned over holding on to Grayson's jacket while he is flailing on the ground, screaming and trying to unhand me, and I'm also trying to keep my nursing wrap straight so I don't expose myself to the FULL waiting room. A kind mother finally came to my aid, and closed the door... while all those other people just sat and stared at the circus.

So finally we made it in to see the doctor. Things were great. Jaye is healthy. Grayson was mesmorized by all the doctor's tools and gadgets. We went back through the waiting room and he waves and says "HI!" to everyone and melts their hearts. Then he goes straight to the water cooler and just pushes the button so water is spilling out everywhere while I'm trying to schedule another appointment. Another little boy comes to join in the fun, but Grayson didn't appreciate the company and just shoves the poor sick kid over. The kid starts screaming so in front of everyone, I make Grayson say sorry and then I apologized to his mother... who was highly unappreciative.

And on that grand note, I hauled both my kiddos back to the car before we could give the waiting room more hilarious anecdotes to share.

The journey was rough. But I made it through! WOO! I am OFFICIALLY a mother of two!