Friday, November 12, 2010


I’ve been told by several people that I need to start blogging again. And seriously, I really do. I don’t know why I stopped, just one of those things, but here I am, with a renewed goal to WRITE. Hopefully, all my “fans” will still be there to read my “amazing and interesting” life story!

I am going to try and nutshell my life for all you:


*Grayson has un-potty-trained himself. Remember that blog I wrote about how brilliant I was for doing that family home evening and my brilliant son listened to me and became potty-trained? Yeah, well, I lied. Unintentionally, though. I think he has realized how “lucky” Jaye is getting her diapers changed, so now… not only does he NOT go on the potty but he tries to get us to change his pull-ups too! This is the first time we have ever seen him be jealous toward little sis, but I’m not a very happy camper. (He does do the messy business on the toilet still… THANK GOODNESS!!! )

* Our house is up for sale. We have decided to make Carlsbad our official home and since the interest rate on homes are so low here, we decided to take a crazy chance and sell our baby (the house… not Jaye). I won’t miss this house. I love it so much, but I won’t miss it. If it sells that is.

*I have three weeks and one more semester until I have my Musical Theatre degree from WWCC. It’s only taken me SIX years to get, but it will definitely fill a very important goal for me. I am extremely excited to move on from WWCC!

*My husband and I were “called” to be the road show coordinators for our ward. Our stake is huge. We have to drive an hour to get to the stake center, so they don’t do a lot of activities for the youth, so we wanted to make this road show a memorable experience for the youth in the THREE weeks they gave me to throw something together. We are doing a spoof on Dora the explorer and are totally copying Dierdre McDonald’s firefly dance idea and we choreographed a swing dance. It’s been sooooo fun and I LOOOOOOVE working with the youth again!


*I think Baby number three will be in the works soon. It’s just one of those things we just know is the right time. Even though THREE kids will be INSANE!... We already started shopping for a minivan. Haha!

*I recently have become interested in Social Work for a lot of reasons, but I think that might be something I will pursue. If my bachelor’s takes as long as my associate’s, I have PLENTY of time to decide on a major!

*You know those giant, really far-fetched dreams you sometimes get? I’d like to be a singer. Like Hilary Weeks, kind of thing. I love to write music, and I’m getting better at writing good music (not there yet) but I would love to write and sing the kind of stuff that someone would listen to and feel strengthened… that inspiring and sometimes sappy cheesy kind of music.


*Motherhood is still hard. But I’m learning.

*My husband is still my best friend and the most amazing person in the world. Sometimes I find myself thinking how in the world could there have possibly been someone so perfect for me. I never imagined marriage could be this good.

*I eat way too much chocolate. But I blame my husband. When we watch our shows at night, he likes to whip out our magic bag of never-ending Halloween chocolate and we eat like bears storing up for winter time. You know those movies where the rich people dump their millions on a bed and swim in the cash… that’s kind of what we look like with candy wrappers. It’s not as sexy as rolling in money.

*I seriously need to get back on weight watchers.

But that is life in a nutshell. Jaye is walking. Grayson might be accepted into a special preschool for kids with speech delays: he has a difficult time with some consonants like fish is Bish. Or Kitty is Titty… which makes for some confusing conversations. I’m so grateful we got him screened for speech! And I’m just plugging along in school and in life. And I absolutely love it!

That is the biggest Nutshell ever! Phew.