Friday, February 19, 2010

Life's not fair.

You know what I really hate? Pet stores.

Since we couldn't have pets when we lived in an apartment, we would take Grayson to the store all the time, so he could grow up used to animals. So it's sort of a tradition of ours now... we go to the pet store about twice a month. BUT, every time we go, they are selling puppies. And puppies are like babies... in cages... with fur. And if you think caged, furry babies are cute then you see my dilemma. I want one! I want all of them! The last time we went, they were selling an "Apple Head Chiauaua (there are way too many vowels in my attempt to spell that!)" and it basically looked like an electricuted hampster... or an electricuted baby... with fur. It was adorable! But I HATE, no I LOATHE those yappy little things (when they aren't so adorable!) so I had a little restraint.

Another time, there were Korean Jindos, BEAUTIFUL PUPPIES! I really wanted one, but Barry reminded me that our back fence is broken thus unsafe for a doggy. We found out later that those puppies which were selling for 50 Bucks, are really worth 1000 Bucks! We missed such a great deal!

And then today, we walk into the store... and are greeted by the sweetest little brown puppy. It started shaking when it saw us, and wagging its tail. The owner said I could hold it, and I did. The whole time we were there. It's face had a line down the middle, one side was brown and one side was white. They called it "Two-Face" but we named him, Harvey. (As in Harvey Dent... who becomes Two-Face in Batman. Yeah yeah... we're nerds.) So, me and Harvey wandered around the store, and the whole time he quietly nestled in my arms and licked my face. And I fell in love.

But Barry, being the cold, heartless (AKA reasonable and realistic) man that he is, reminded me of that DARNED fence, and that right now is not a good time for us to buy a puppy. So begrudgingly, I locked little Harvey back in his cold, loveless pen, and left a piece of my heart with him.

Maybe I should start picturing my baby as a puppy.

Without fur.

Or the cage.

Or... maybe I should just stop going to the pet store.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Date Night... Afternoon.

I taught a class for my Church's Relief Society about the importance of having date nights with your spouse. It was the best class, meaning, I learned a lot for myself. Soooo... for our new goal to have a date night once a week from now on, we started with Ping Pong and Pool at the rec Center. There were a bunch of Pool tables so we got Grayson a stick and his own balls so he played on his own while we had our own little date. And it was perfect because I won once, and Barry won once- no spousal feuds here! (Did I mention we are both slightly competitive?) So there you have it- Week 1/ Date Afternoon. And the best part... COMPLETELY free!!!! To end this short blog- I will throw in my new mottos.

#1- "Marriage can be more an exultant ecstasy than the human mind can conceive." -Spencer W. Kimball~

#2- The most important meeting of the week is Sacrament Meeting, and the second most important is Date Night." L. Tom Perry

So think about it... I hope you set this as a goal too! Here's to Exultant Marriages!