Friday, July 18, 2014


As we announced recently, we are moving on August 4th. Grayson's actual birthday is on August 14th, but we wanted to have a party for him with his friends before we leave. Originally, I had AMAZING plans for a huge Carnival to celebrate ALL three of our August birthday kids, but after realizing, HOLY COW! We are moving in just a few weeks and we don't know where we're going to live, or where to enroll our kid in school, or where to find boxes?!?! Suddenly, the carnival idea didn't seem so amazing. 

So, I settled. And OHHHHH I am soooo glad. This was the easiest party I've ever done. We took Grayson and five friends bowling and then gave them a bunch of tokens to play arcade games. Afterward we went back to our place and had pizza, cake and ice cream then ended with opening presents. BAM. 

The boys were soooo excited when they got to the prize counter. Each kid only won about 14 tickets, but they had army guys for 4 tickets, so everyone came home with a small army. It was so cute. I absolutely LOVE this stage! This age is the best and funnest. 

Grayson wanted a Pokemon cake so we found this design online. I think it turned out SUPER cute for my novice skill set. Grayson loved it and it made all the kids giggle, so I'll call it a job well done. 

All the gifts:

Almost 7 years old! I can't believe it. We decided not to give him our gift yet, because my parents pitched in to buy it, and since we are now moving right by my parents, we will let him open it with ALL of us. That thought makes me a little excited!