Thursday, December 8, 2011

We should sue Walmart

Yesterday, as we were waiting in the “Customer Service” line at Walmart, my children grew more and more impatient. This, of course, led to them finding entertainment in the obstacle course of shopping baskets, which the store uses to return items to their correct places. Grayson was doing his usual daredevil stunts on a big metal dolly. Right as I was telling him to get off so he wouldn’t get hurt, his foot catches between the metal bars, and he goes smashing, head first into the floor.

Luckily, there was no blood… just tears and a nice little goose egg.

Today, we faithful customers of Sam Walton, returned to Walmart for a second round of pain and anguish. Laycee has one of those car seat carriers that snaps into the cart. Apparently, I didn’t get it snapped in all the way, because as we were going over the first bumps into the store, her car seat flipped over and nearly spilled over onto the floor. It was one of those horrifying moments where time slows down as you watch your child in mortal danger. Luckily, the carrier teetered precariously in the seat part of the basket, and we caught it just before it, and our INFANT DAUGHTER, toppled to the floor.

And then… we were back at the safety of our minivan, preparing to get the kids in the car. Our van has the automatic door openers, and we didn’t notice that our shopping cart was in the way of it’s course. Right as Grayson was climbing into the car, the receding door bumped into the very corner of our basket, which launched it forward straight into Grayson’s forehead, which forced the opposite end of his head to smash into the doorway.

Luckily, there was just a little blood…. And tears… and a nice little goose egg.

We should sue Walmart for emotional and physical damages. Or we should just learn our lesson and never go back. Or just make our kids wear helmets, and other protective wear. Or we can just be grateful that we don’t have the hospital on speed dial… yet.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Near Death experience

    I had a near-death experience this weekend. Since we will be moving in just a few weeks, we are trying to “make memories” with my family, especially my little brother. We invited my brothers over for a movie and game night sleep over sort of thing, and Barry and I wanted to WOW them with an amazing dessert. So where did we look? Why, “Pinterest” of course. (I’m slightly obsessed with the website.) And the dessert is this:

A bottom layer of Chocolate chip cookie dough, a center layer of double stuffed oreos, a top layer of fudge brownie mix… then after it is baked and all hot and gooey, you top it with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge.

I don’t understand how I am still alive to write about it.