Saturday, May 30, 2009

Photo shoot...

You can judge me or call me a bad mother, but you're wrong. It was a brilliant plan.

I've always wanted to take pictures of Grayson by our tree. Don't ask me why... I just love those pictures of little kids on or by trees. Unfortunately, Grayson has a mind of his own now and refuses to pose or smile for any kind of photo. Well, he was climbing this very tree the other day and his little foot slipped and was caught in a Y part at the bottom. Instead of helping my poor stuck child, I saw an opportunity. Fate was playing its part so I ran inside to get the camera (Don't gasp too loudly, the camera was right by the door!) My little boy was trapped, glued to the tree I've always wanted to capture on film and I got to snap all the pictures I wanted! He couldn't move! (Insert evil laugh here.) In most of them, he is shouting, "MA!" (That's Mom in Grayson talk) and trying to break free, but I got a few cute ones. No smiles, but cute. And in the end, he finally sat for five seconds so I could take one last picture... So I'll take that as a sign that he wasn't too traumatized.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


I don't have anything fun and exciting to blog about so here is a gripe, because people love listening to other people complain right? RIGHT??? Anyway, Here are things that drive me crazy.
1- TEXTING in the movie theatre. Seriously, if you honestly think people won't notice and become irritated by the constant little flashing light of your phone screen... you're probably not bright enough to be using a cell phone.

2- Teenagers who talk CONSTANTLY during movies. (Can you tell I recently went to the movies?) There was a group of about ten teenagers who talked during our entire ACTION movie... WHO DOES THAT?!?!? I can understand maybe wanting to chat during a sappy drama, but this was WOLVERINE! There were explosions, slashings, fight scenes, sexy men... YOU JUST DON'T chat DURING ALL OF THAT!!!!

3- Teenagers in general. (and children) OK, I know a lot of great teenagers BUT... I feel like the majority of youth nowadays are simply not being taught respect... and yes I blame the parents. My good friend is a second grade teacher and she already has bratty kids talking back to her. I heard of a kindergartener (I think I massacred the spelling of that) that yelled at the teacher using the Mother of all Swear words!!! Teenagers crack jokes about things I consider entirely sacred. AND... THEY TALK DURING MOVIES!! What is WRONG!?!?! Where are the parents and WHAT THE HECK are they teaching these poor kids!?!

4- It's hot!!!

That's it. That's my gripe. Maybe I shouldn't go to the movie theatre anymore. I think the stress it causes might be bad for the baby!