Monday, January 28, 2008

Things I have learned in five months...

*Watching the baby pull the binky out of his mouth is only cute the first three times
*My baby IS cuter than the Gerber baby
*Poop is not only appropriate, but a very interesting subject for dinner conversation
*Babies make simple things amazing.
*A Baby’s smile can make life worth living.
*My hair is destined to be in a ponytail the rest of my motherly days.
*Paper does not belong on the floor.
*Everything my parents said… is right. EVERYTHING.
It is harder than I expected not to compare babies.
*My husband is very close to perfection.
*Any non-mom activity must fit into an hour and a half nap-time period.
*God really does listen to prayer.
*The perfect mother… doesn’t exist.
*Wal-mart does NOT sell enough cute boy clothes
*I will never get tired of watching my sleeping baby.
*They REALLY do grow up too fast.
*Watching my baby learn to put the binky back in his mouth was the happiest moment of my life.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

My internet green card

I remember when I actually had to read a book to write a book report. Or the days when I had to search through index cards to find a book at the library. Or even the days when I thumbed through an encyclopedia just to attain some random knowledge. When we first got the internet I was amazed! I loved listening to that droning connection sound and know that in minutes I would have infinite knowledge right there at my fingertips. Then in high school, I became completely anti-internet. I am such a book-enthusiast, I got sick of teachers allowing the internet to replace reading, or even allow the net to replace them as teachers. I sort of get a big brother vibe from the internet but three years ago, everyone kept telling me about this strange online program called Myspace and how I had to get an account. I just rolled my eyes and promised them I would never participate in something that sounded so "lame". About three days later, I got an account. Lately, a few friends have been telling me about how awesome it is to have a blog. (Can you actually have a blog? Or is it a verb? I don't know.) Once again, I just rolled my eyes at them and said, "that sounds ridiculous!" But once again, here I am jumping on the bandwagon. I didn't realize I was such a conformist! I now have a myspace account, a facebook account, a blogspot, and I shop online... there goes my social skills. Anyway, here is my first official post... once I push the "publish" icon, I will officially be inducted into the internet community. Sigh... it was bound to happen one day.