Saturday, January 30, 2010


I really appreciate all the encouragement I received about my hair bow "business"!!! It has been so fun, and yesterday my brother and I drove to Roswell, and ribbon just happened to be 50% OFF at Hobby Lobby!!! It was like Christmas all over again! So I will be spending the next few days trying to make as many bows as possible! The store that is selling mine is looking for Spring bows that match their outfits and Punky Rock Star looking ones. Here are a few of the Spring Line bows I made yesterday... I thought I would start with the cutesy stuff, which I like, before taking on the challenge of Rock Star stuff which I'm not the biggest fan. But I do plan on selling my bows on Etsy too- hopefully that will be a good experience. So here are a few of the ones I made... I hope you like them!
They look cuter on a baby, but this will have to do for now. Thanks again everyone for the encouragement! I love you all!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Off to a good start!

So 2010 has rocketed into my life with an awesome beginning! Aside from the fact that I can't seem to stop writing 2009 on all checks and paperwork I am loving this year so far! I felt sort of depressed last year, which I'm pretty sure had to do with being pregnant and hormonal, but I just felt sort of I dunno... If I think of a word, I'll let you know, but I was feeling down. Part of it had to do with the fact that all of my friends have degrees and I'm still putting along trying to get an associate's degree (some day I will have a bachelors), part of it is a bunch of my friends have found talents that they can make money off of and I couldn't think of anything, and part of it was I felt overweight and frumpy. So that's how I have started my year.

Well, I've been trying to learn how to make hairbows for Jaye, and I was making some decent ones, but when my sister-in-law came here for Christmas, she showed me how she makes them. Some how I caught on, and now Delmonico's, a baby boutique in town wants to buy my hair bows! WOO! I showed the owner a bunch of examples and she said, "these look like professional boutique bows!" so she showed me what colors she wanted and tomorrow Barry and I will be driving a whole hour away to buy supplies and I will spend the weeking swimming in ribbon! It's been such a fun hobby and everywhere I go, people ask me where I bought my hair bow, so my dream of making money off of a talent is coming true! WOW! I feel so fortunate!

I also am still babysitting about once or twice a week for a woman in my church, and her husband found out I LOVE typing so has hired me for a nice amount to type for him. He just opened up a new dental practice and has been having me type up TONS of dental paperwork for him, so there's three jobs I've acquired which makes me feel in a small way, OK maybe a big way for me, accomplished! How nice.

And lastly, I just had my third week weigh-in at weight watchers and I have already lost 10 pounds! WOO!!! I am so glad I joined! There is no way I could lose all this weight on my own so fast. It has helped me feel so good about myself!

So there it is, that's how my January has been going. FANTASTIC!!! And Grayson is starting to soften out of the terrible stage, and parenting is getting a little easier, that's always good! BUT... Jaye already has her two bottom teeth and likes to bite me- OUCH! That's the only negative so far! But here's hopin' the rest of my year goes well! I hope everyone else's is too!!! Let me know what blessings you have received!

(Sorry, I just read through this and I sound like I'm bragging... but I'm just really excited!)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Was it worth it?

So remember yesterday? Well, turns out- Grayson somehow found two markers in his room (I don't know where he found them, we are really good about keeping them out of reach) and colored all over the beautiful wooden lego table my Grandpa built him for Christmas.

THANK GOODNESS for washable markers!

Did I learn a lesson? Yes. Bring on the "artwork", I need my quiet time!

Friday, January 15, 2010


I put my son down for a nap about an half an hour ago. He never went to sleep. Note the sarcasm in my voice as I say Big surprise. So here I sit, listening to him rustle around in there, making all kinds of noises, and I've learned something. I've reached that point in parenthood when I would rather risk drawings on the wall or destroyed toys than give up my ten minutes of peace to check and see what he's doing.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Krystle... the hussy!

The doctor that has delivered our last two babies has gotten very close to me and my family. So close, that he feels comfortable hugging me at the start and end of every visit. Now, I myself am big on hugging! I love it! But today's doctor's visit was a "Hello World, I'm naked!" visit. The kind where you strip off your bottoms and sit with a tiny 1-ply sheet over your lap, pretending like you aren't sitting naked in front of two people, and praying that those two people are also pretending you aren't naked.

Even in high school, I couldn't bring myself to change in front of other girls in the locker rooms, so you can imagine my discomfort at the doctor's office. What you can't imagine, is what it's like to hug a man (who isn't your husband), without your pants on! I don't care if I was covered, and I don't care if he was pretending I was fully clothed, but the truth is... I really appreciate pants, even if they are a few sizes bigger than I'd like them to be.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Starting young...

To hail in the New Year, my husband and I took the family to Chili's restaurant. If you know the place, the tables are sort of crammed in there, for a cozy atmosphere... or something. Well, we were sitting there innocently, when a waitress began seating people at the table behind ours. One of the women was standing behind her seat, waiting for her friend to sit, and Grayson just turns around and rests his sweet little hand on her bum... and held it there. And that nice woman just pretended like nothing was going on, while a two year old stranger harrassed her. I think I was too surprised to say anything so he keep his hand there for at least half a minute... although it felt like an hour! Barry and I finally snapped into reality and quickly told Grayson to "Get your hand off of her!"

Shouldn't it be another 14 years before I'm supposed to be shouting that at my son?