Saturday, August 27, 2011

Three's Company

For nine months I heard it all. “You guys are crazy for having your kids so close!” “Three is going to be the hardest thing ever!” “blah blah blah…”

I’ve had nine months to mull over the idea of being stressed out for the rest of my life. I was sure the minute our baby was born, I would be close to tears from there on out. BUT, life hasn’t changed all that much… yet. So far, Laycee is just a sack of potatoes… eating and sleeping, although she is starting to be awake more during the day. Nothing has gotten too hard yet. We DO have to get up earlier to get everyone dressed on time. But, I STILL have time to play games with Grayson, time to color with Jaye. I just do it while nursing a baby… constantly. My kids both adore her, and they both love to help dress her, bathe her, and Grayson even begged me to let him change her diaper. It was a big mess, but I love seeing how much they love her! Jaye is close to being Elvira from Tiny Toons… A little too much love from big sister. Grayson is being trained on how to carry her properly, because he DOES carry her… we just need to make sure that hand gets under her neck, NOT her head. Laycee is an awesome baby! Hardly cries, and gets up every two hours like clockwork to eat at night.

So, to all you people who freaked me out for months and months about how miserable I was going to be… THANK YOU! I was prepared for the worst and so life with three has been surprisingly… not the worst. I love it!

So far.

I’m sure my opinion will be changing when Laycee starts crawling!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Baby time!

Forgive me if this is really poorly written, I am extremely doped up with pain meds, but I figured I’d better write this now, or I never will. Anyway…

What a whirlwind these past few days have been! August is going to be the craziest month for the rest of our lives!

August 11- I found out the doctor who has done the surgeries of both Grayson and Jaye, would NOT be back from his vacation in time to do my C-section. I started freaking out, I don't like doctors anyway, so to have the ONE doctor I really completely trust not be there... I was a bit of a mess.  

August 12- Showed up at the hospital at 7 am. After the spinal block, they waited a few minutes before checking if I was numb. The doc poked me with the scalpel and I could feel it! They decided to wait a few more minutes and all of the sudden I felt like I couldn’t breathe, so I started yelling that I couldn’t breathe and they tried to tell me it was just anxiety. The doc poked me again, and I told them it hurt. They asked “which side did we poke?” I couldn’t think, I was so scared, and so the doctor said, she’s just nervous, and was about to start cutting, when I screamed, “The left side!”

Thankfully, the nurse anesthetist was listening, and told the doctor I really could feel them and that they needed to knock me out. So, I was unconscious for surgery. They don’t allow anyone else in during an unconscious surgery, but for some reason, they let Barry in, which is kind of cool because he took pictures of the C-section, since he didn’t have to be by my side.**WARNING, GRAPHIC PICTURES BELOW! I didn't post these on facebook because they are kinda gross, but I think they are cool!** They told Barry later, that the Spinal block must have gone up (hence my inability to breathe) instead of going down, so I am so grateful someone in the operating room listened to me! It could’ve been terrible!

I came home after two days in the hospital and a few days later I started getting a horrible pain in my incision site. I went to the doc and they decided it is mildly infected. GEEZ! So, it is taking a LONG time to heal but at least I have a beautiful baby that reminds me to smile.

We named her Laycee (Because we love the name, and the spelling because it has the AY like JAYe and GrAYson. Weird reason, but it makes sense to us! And Rachel after my mom and we like to add a disclaimer that our sister-in-law Rachel is pretty amazing too so she gets credit in Laycee's middle name too! :)


Yesterday, August 18, was our anniversary! Since I was in so much pain, Barry asked my mom to watch Grayson and Jaye for the day, and he rented a pile of movies and we just stayed in bed with a bag of candy and a pan of brownies, and watched movies all day. It was fantastic and I don’t know how we have ended up with three kids in just five years, but I love our family. When they got home from Mema’s we all built a fort and played in it! I am sooooo blessed!!!!

Oh, and did I mention August 14 is Grayson’s birthday, the 13th is my brother’s birthday, and the 19th is the birthday of both of my nieces. YIKES! WHAT A MONTH!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My beautiful little girl

     Grayson absolutely loves to get his picture taken on my cell phone. One day, he was feeling particular loving toward his sister, and asked me to take some pictures of them. Unfortunately, he wanted to do "silly face" pictures, and for some reason, the face he made has stuck with my daughter. She thinks it is hilarious, and now I can't get her to make any other face for pictures. Sigh.

Believe it or not, this is just a sample of this face. I have a whole lot more on my camera. What a goofball!