Friday, December 19, 2008


WOW... Barry has always told me that he wanted a big family. I was asked to do an overnight babysitting job, which I excitedly accepted for some last minute christmas money. My husband ditched me for the night (with my permission) to have a guys' night so I have spent the entire day babysitting alone- Grayson- 16 months, And four other boys ages 13 months, 3 years old, 5-6 years old, and an 11 year old. There were a few moments through out the day where I actually believed I could handle such a big family... and others where I was ready to rip my hair out! Such as getting yelled at because the frosting I put on the gingerbread house was melting on its own accord while the 13 month old was pouring his bowl of cereal over the edge of his high chair onto the freshly cleaned rug. Right now however, is one of the moments I might believe I can handle a big family. The boys all went to sleep by nine, giving me time to browse the movies and pick out a classic "Feature films for families". Does anyone remember those??? I love them! So here I am sitting on this EXTREMELY comfortable couch, watching a good movie with a wireless internet laptop, and all the extra candy from the gingerbread house! At this moment... I think I could definitely handle a large family.

Let's see if I'm still saying that when I finally get enough umph to pick up the mangled roll of toilet paper twisted around every nook and cranny in this house!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Scoop!

Alright, here is the scoop. On Saturday, Barry, my Dad, and a few friends met up at our house and installed our new WOOD FLOORS!!!!!! Our house is going to look AWESOME!!! It took them from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm to get it done, but WOW what a difference.

This past Monday, three men from my ward came over early in the morning and moved almost every thing in our apartment to the house. They were amazing! I couldn't believe how fast they got all the heavy stuff... I guess that's the power of the priesthood! hahaha! Anyway, we had also asked ward members to come at 5:30 that night to help us move. Only a few people were able to come, but we are sooooooooooooooo grateful to them! We got everything moved over to the house very non-stressfully. When we got to the house, we asked our knowledgeable friend to light the pilot light to our heater. He discovered that our gas wasn't even on. Barry had called the gas company two weeks ago and gave all of our information, switched everything to our name, etc. So needless to say, it was a little frustrating. We went to the gas place yesterday and they told him they had NO RECORD of his phone call. GRRRRR.... So now we have to pay a huge fee to get our gas turned back on even though it was their fault. So until Monday (their closest available date to warm us up) we are sleeping on an air mattress in the living room of my parents's house.

Yesterday, they laid our carpet, so we are calling this all a blessing! We now have most of the week to get all of our belongings situated before we move in! So MONDAY, we will OFFICIALLY be living in our first HOME!!!!!!!!! YAY!!! I can't wait! And the best news of all............ Barry and I have not fought once!!! Everyone kept laughing and telling us that doing a remodel will test our marriage. But thanks to my oh-so-calm husband, this has been a super smooth project! I still love him! Isn't that great?

I have more good news! My brother decided to come home and work during Christmas break so we have our FIXED computer back, but it won't be hooked up for another week! SHEESH! But I was able to squeeze in a moment on my parents computer to let you all know what's going on. I'm sorry I'm going to miss several blogs from the past few weeks, but I'll try to catch up eventually!!!

P.S. Can anyone believe that Christmas is ALREADY NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!! THis year flew by!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Hey everyone! I'm typing this from a friend's computer! I just thought Id let you know that my computer crashed about two weeks ago so my brother took the tower home with him to Texas so we won't be getting it back until Christmas! At least he fixed it for FREE!!! SO I apologize for not leaving comments on your blogs!!! But if you dont hear from me....... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!