Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Children... the artists!

I have great hope in my children's future! They express their art in so many ways. For instance...

Laycee loves to color. All over my journal entries, in both sets of our scriptures, on the dishwasher, on her body, on their toys, our expensive t.v. screen, and here is an example of her favorite canvas. The wall. This lovely illustration is in Grayson's room.

Grayson apparently has a future in cutting hair. I was on my computer while Jaye was chatting away and when I looked up I noticed her hair. I shouted, "What did you do?!?!" And without hesitation, Grayson booked it to his room. I asked Jaye, "you're not the one who cut your hair, are you?"

When I asked Grayson why he did it, he said, "I didn't mean to!" So apparently, he accidentally held a pair of scissors to her hair and unintentionally hacked off some bangs. Riiiiight....

So there you have it. The Future Monet and Paul Mitchell. I'm so lucky.

In a Galaxy far away....

Another FREE day of activities!!! And perfectly fitting for our geeky family! May 4th was National Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with You... Get it?) In honor of this important National celebration, Toys R'Us hosted a free lego star wars building day. So once again we loaded up the car and headed to Idaho Falls.

Every kid got to build on of these space ships and take it home.

                      I love Laycee in all these pictures. She is making a flying sound in all of them.

After building the ships, we moved on to the next most important national Day. FREE Comic Book Day! Woooo!!! We headed to the Outland Comics Store and picked up free comics for the whole fam.

Last year's free comic day had this freaky costumed woman... it was nice to have a non-freaky, Ghost Buster attending this year. He was the star of the party (made his own ghost backpack and it was pretty sweet.) Grayson refused to go stand by him, which was surprising because he believes in REAL Ghost Busters) but Jaye jumped right in.

                                                        Great Day for this family!!!

Earth Day

Sometimes, I forget that we are completely dirt poor because we are DANG good at finding cheap things to do as a family! Early in May, the zoo in Idaho Falls hosted an Earth Day Celebration... in other words- *FREE ADMISSION*!!!

We took the kids up for an exciting day of animal viewing. Laycee's never been to a zoo so it was especially fun to watch her light up with every animal, and make all the animal sounds (She's a little obsessed with roaring.) We took most of our pictures on Barry's phone, so there are actually no animals in my photos.

The petting zoo was hilarious. Jaye LOVES animals... from a distance. At one point all the goats tried to come get some treats from her and she started screaming. Barry had to run in and save the day. Maybe next time we'll stay on the outside of the fence.

You can tell we had a looooong day, this picture was taken only a few minutes after leaving the zoo. My girls were TIRED!

A ton of companies donated gifts for the Earth Day raffle, and out of the hundreds of people there... Our ticket was one of the few drawn! So fun! But by the time we made it to the table, all that was left was this gift basket of cleaning supplies from Melaleuca.  Oh well, a prize is a prize!