Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Children... the artists!

I have great hope in my children's future! They express their art in so many ways. For instance...

Laycee loves to color. All over my journal entries, in both sets of our scriptures, on the dishwasher, on her body, on their toys, our expensive t.v. screen, and here is an example of her favorite canvas. The wall. This lovely illustration is in Grayson's room.

Grayson apparently has a future in cutting hair. I was on my computer while Jaye was chatting away and when I looked up I noticed her hair. I shouted, "What did you do?!?!" And without hesitation, Grayson booked it to his room. I asked Jaye, "you're not the one who cut your hair, are you?"

When I asked Grayson why he did it, he said, "I didn't mean to!" So apparently, he accidentally held a pair of scissors to her hair and unintentionally hacked off some bangs. Riiiiight....

So there you have it. The Future Monet and Paul Mitchell. I'm so lucky.

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KymandKalab said...

Oh man. Sorry Krystle. My mom used to make me get a sponge and scrub my own artwork off the walls. Jaye looks thrilled about her haircut. Poor girl!