Monday, February 24, 2014

This week in pictures

I always snap the funnest pictures on my cell phone (not a smart phone, and a crummy camera!) and then I never do anything with the pictures. They just disappear into oblivion, so I though I should start posting them on my blog! Maybe it'll help inspire me to write more! So here is this week in pictures... although the first two actually aren't from this week, but they're still adorable. 

Our kids prefer the "bike aisle" over the toys at Walmart any day. When we walk in the store, they beg to go straight to this aisle and they pull out bikes and helmets and just ride around. (Yeah, we're THAT family that everyone is annoyed with because their kids almost ram into innocent passersby. Fun times.) But Laycee wanted to be like her siblings so she put on a "helmet". And it makes me laugh so hard. She wore that basket around the whole store. (For the record, we don't let our kids ride around the whole store. She just wanted to wear her "helmet".)

This picture speaks for itself. It's just adorable. This man is such a good daddy. 

I heard Jaye laughing hysterically, so I came to living room to find this sweet little princess. She put her birthday tiara on Jackson. 

Sometimes, Barry has hard time because my love language is DEFINITELY NOT his love language! I am pretty much 100% words of affirmation. Well, Jaye worked hard to build a domino line that was all correctly matched, so she asked me to take a picture for Barry. We text it to him and he text her back a photo of himself giving her a thumbs up, and the message said, "Wow, that's awesome Jaye!" 

I showed her the message and read it to her. She smiled and then asked, "What else did he say?" 

She wanted MORE affirmation! I had to apologize to Barry! Looks like we've got more "Words of Affirmation" people in our house. Poor guy!

 I just took this picture because a rare nap happened at our house. It was a big deal. 
The night before this picture was taken, our kids stayed up WAAAAAY past their bedtime. Needless to say, our kids were quite emotional the next day. Grayson couldn't get his bike wheel pumped up (it's flat) and he just walked into the house, fell down on the floor and started bawling. He only cries when he's tired.

So I snapped a picture. (Such a great mom.)

This one is a big deal. It's the very first time Jackson ever sat up. I'm so glad it happened while everyone was naked :P 

Laycee strapped herself into Jackson's baby chair and happily played in it for like 15 minutes. I should use this as a restraining device more often! They should just make these for like 6 year olds, 4 year olds, two year olds... I'd buy one for EVERY kid. Just lock em in and get some chores done!

That's all she wrote folks!

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KymandKalab said...

So your kids are pretty darn adorable. Very cute. And Kalab and I are the same way -we do NOT speak the same love language. I'm kind of a mix of words of affirmation and acts of service.