Friday, October 2, 2009

My poem

(I jotted this down at the doctor's office yesterday... if you can't tell, it was inspired by my wardrobe)


Today I tried my hardest,
A fine look to achieve;
Coiffed hair, clean clothes, and make up…
But there’s peanut butter on my sleeve.

I just needed to do some shopping,
A quick run to the store,
But my child had it in his mind
We needed to do a little bit more.

I ran past an elegant woman
A true image of perfection,
With my hair flying out of place
As I chased my son in every direction.

They never tell you when motherhood starts,
The things you’re giving up.
Say “goodbye” to easy livin’,
And “Hello” to wearing lunch.

“Hello” to all those sleepless nights,
whining, “No!” Mine!” and “More!”
“Hello” to painful wounded feet
from stepping on those toys on the floor.

“Hello” to food smeared on the walls
and stains on all my clothes.
Goodbye to lids, toy parts, and keys,
Where they go… Nobody knows!

“Hello” to loves and snuggles,
giggling and constant fun,
dinner, bath time, family prayer,
and kisses when the day is done.

Goodbye to that elegant lady;
The one I passed as I ran down the street.
The one with jewels and Hollywood looks
And designer shoes on her feet.

I don’t wear fancy perfume
And I don’t own expensive clothes,
But the pearls of joy I string each day
Are more priceless than she knows.

Here I walk hand in hand with my child,
And really that’s all that I need.
Because I am a Mommy and I…
Am proud of the peanut butter on my sleeve.


Emily said...


KymandKalab said...

This is such a cute poem Krystle- I love it!

Mom Ricks said...

very nice, and oh so true!

Kathy said...

So cute!

Sarah said...

Krystle, tears nearly started running down my face. Beautiful, it really hit the spot. Thank you.