Friday, March 14, 2014

Another great week!

This has been a busy few weeks! Jackson is almost 7 months old already and since he has mastered crawling, he has decided to move onto the next big feat- standing! Ugh. I'm not ready for it. The second time he pulled himself to standing, he knocked off all our play station remotes and magazines on the t.v. stand. I can tell there are going to be fun times ahead.

 I am on the Relief Society meeting committee and was in charge of making the dessert for our Relief Society birthday. We had a Garden Party so I ended up making 80 cups of dirt cake. I went to the church the morning of the party, let the kids go crazy in the gym, while I spent 2 and 1/2 hours mixing pudding like a mad woman. It was fun though. I had some peppy church music playing and was belting while stirring, and didn't even have to worry about bugging the neighbors! But the party turned out great, the desserts were good, and I think everyone had a fun time. ---- TIME FOR A NAP!

Jaye thought this necklace looked like a giant smile. She wanted to send the picture to daddy, and this time he wrote her back a long mushy text... he's learning. :) 

My kids have inherited our large mouths. PROOF ---->

All the better to sing with, I say. 

Now here is probably one of those moments I'll be looking back on with regret. One day Laycee was screaming and flailing while I was trying to change her diaper, so I grabbed the only thing within reach to entertain her... Jackson's old binky. I popped it in her mouth and she immediately calmed down. 

The next day she was relentlessly crying so I tried it again. I popped the binky in her mouth, and seriously folks... like magic, she fell right asleep. On my lap!

I hope I'm not setting her up to be one of those kids who still takes a binky at ten years old, but it is so Fantasically wonderful to just plug her up!!! Don't judge me. 

    So I was in the bathroom getting ready, and someone knocks on the door. Grayson answered it, and shouted, "Mommy, it's for you!" I walk down the hall to a uniformed woman at the doorway holding this GORGEOUS bouquet of flowers. My heart leaped a little as she smiled at me and said, "These are for you....r neighbor. She's not home. Can I leave them with you until she gets here?" 

    Seriously. I felt mad at my husband and he didn't even do anything wrong! I briefly considered just "forgetting" to tell my neighbor about the gift, but I did enjoy pretending these were mine as they graced my table for about half an hour.  

Curse you, flower delivery person. 

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