Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bee of the Week

Grayson got to be the "Bee of the Week" in Kindergarten. Amongst the special privileges received in class (line leader, special helper, etc.) for the week, he got to take the "Bee Bag" home. This involved a bee craft, story, filling out an "All about Me" booklet, and taking "Mrs. Bee" (a bee stuffed animal) out and then journaling in the class journal about their adventure. 

On Friday, the Bee of the Week reads their journal page and their "Me" book to the class and the parents are welcome to come in at the end  and read a story or do a craft. His teacher asked if I wanted to also celebrate his "half-birthday" since his is in the summer time, so I got to bring treats. 

I love any excuse to do a story time, so Grayson helped me pick this hilarious book about a rooster who has forgotten how to crow, so he makes all kinds of outrageous noises. In the end he saves the day and remembers how to do it right. 

I looked online for "Rooster desserts" and couldn't believe I actually found this super cute idea! 
Aren't these cupcakes hilarious!? This picture still makes me giggle. And the class sure got a kick out of them and out of helping make all the weird noises in the book! It was so fun. 

The class sang "Happy Birthday" and so my son suddenly feigned shy (hence the coat over his head). What a goof ball! 

I'm glad his teacher made him take it off by the end of the song so I could snap this cute smile. Love it! 



Melissa said...

Love the cupcakes! Grayson had the best mom ever!

Melissa said...

Uhhhhh. I mean has. That was an awkward typo. Oops.