Thursday, May 22, 2014

Random silliness at the Ricks'

(If you don't approve of bathroom humor... skip to the next picture.) 

     Laycee approached me and Barry in deep concern. She kept saying "Pinky Pie pooped!" We thought she was just pretending (like always) so we played along since she was so upset and worried for her little pony. Finally, she lifted up it's tail to show us there actually was a big moist brown glob of... well, I wasn't sure... and beginning to feel a bit worried myself! 

Luckily, Daddy solved the mystery. Pudding. Phew!  
    I still think this is crazy, but Grayson was required to give a 5 minute oral report... in KINDERGARTEN! After reading "The Magic School Bus", the one where the class travels inside of a human body, Grayson desperately wanted to do that for his report. He wanted to cover everything in the book, how food is converted into energy and travels through the body in our blood... but it was a little too advanced for a 5 minute speech.

    So he settled on healthy eating. For his required visual aid, I traced his body on butcher paper. He came up with the cutest idea (with no motherly prompting) to show pictures of healthy and unhealthy foods to the class and have them shout out which category it fell under. The healthy food was taped to the blue guy's stomach, and the unhealhy food was taped to the wall. After the presentation, he passed out little baggies of healthy baby carrots. I'm proud of him. I don't remember giving an oral report until second grade! His class loved it, even though he presented it in quite a monotone voice. His theatrical parents will have to teach him some Ricks' Flare! 
You might recall that my kids are crazy, CRAZY, bug-lovers. Laycee is absolutely no exception. She might even love bugs more than the others. I'm pretty sure even if she never had a real friend, she'd be completely content if she just had a lady bug, or a June Bug, or **shudder** a spider to play with. Here she is with her pal "Baby Lady Bug".                                
                                                                 (on the tip of her finger)

We had stake conference a few weeks ago, and I spent a few hours the night prior, scouring the internet and printing off activity and coloring pages that matched each of the kids' interests. Grayson got Skylanders pages, Jaye got princess pages, and Laycee got Minnie Mouse and Care Bears pages. 

And I literally spent the entire two hours of conference, playing with Laycee's invisible lady bug. She never even touched my sweet gesture of loving mother-ness. Nope. We fed it, put it to bed, built it it's own little pink church. ALL that EFFORT... and we played with a fake bug. 

Maybe for her birthday I'll give her an empty box and say it's a Lady Bug.

I guess I better throw in a story about Jaye now. Jaye is beautiful, and sweet, and adorable, and kind of creepy. 
At dinner she sang (in her sweet little voice and to the
 tune of B-I-N-G-O) 

"There was a man who punched his dog and then it started bleeding!" 


We all laughed so hard at the unexpected lyrics. And then, at another time, she drew a sweet stick figure picture of Daddy. And on the reverse side was a thoughtful picture of Mommy. With spikes all over her head so she can fight people.

Where does she get this stuff?! Silly girl.If she weren't so pleasant and cheerful... I might be worried. Especially for poor Bingo.   

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