Thursday, June 12, 2014


Whenever we pass the fishing rods at any store, Grayson always grabs one and begs, "Pleeeease can we buy one!" And then following our answer he always throws in the good ol' "We never get to go fishing." 

That's right, kiddo. Because it's expensive and we're not paying for the equipment and a license! 

BUT... a few weeks ago while we were at the zoo, I just happened to see a little handout for "free fishing day" hosted by the game and fish department. They actually set up a booth at the pond with free gear and bait and let you fish... for FREE! 

So naturally, we HAD to take our kids for family home evening. 

Jaye caught a fish in less than 10 minutes so Grayson started getting really antsy about it taking so long. 

For the record... Laycee dressed herself. 

The girls' interest didn't last long, but they still had fun in other ways. 

In retrospect... fishing while holding a baby... is hard. 

At the very end, Barry caught this huge, prize-winning beauty.
(At least, that's our story...) 

After we returned the gear, we headed to the store to buy our FHE treats. While waiting in the car, Grayson randomly burst into tears. I asked what was wrong, and he said, "I didn't catch anything."

Talk about a delayed reaction!

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