Thursday, June 12, 2014


Since this could be our last summer in Rexburg, I decided to be a little crazy and invited Grayson's ENTIRE Kindergarten class over for an "Summer Kick off party". Only 13 kids showed up (out of the 25) so it wasn't as wild as I was expecting, but we had a lot of fun! My neighbor and dear friend helped me put it together. 
We decorated cookies, had a candy hunt, tail tag (where you have to try and pull crepe paper tails off of the other players), missionary tag...

Red Rover...
The kids wanted to call someone over and Grayson said, "No! Call Jaye!" I felt like a proud mama to see my boy trying to include his little sister. Until he added, "Call Jaye! She's the weakest!" 

And we asked each kid to bring a $3 or less summer gift to exchange (like bubbles, chalk). At the end of the party, we did a musical gift pass. This was almost a disaster because a few of the kids (mine included) were upset they didn't get to have the gift they brought! A few lips were pouting, a few tears were shed, but overall, the party was a GREAT success!

When I left the room, Laycee was asleep on the couch, and when I walked back in, she was on the floor with a chair on top of her... still asleep. I really wish I could've seen how this happened!

 Speaking of craziness, we did NOT plan out our summer activities very well! Grayson just started t-ball. We assumed the games would be in the evening but they are ALL in the morning, right when Jaye needs to be picked up from preschool. I also have story time at the same time, and for the next two weeks, Jaye will have swim lessons... at the same time! UGH. We're still new at this.

But Grayson LOVES t-ball. So I guess the amazing juggling act of picking up and dropping off is totally worth it.

We also did a free 3 day summer art camp. I wish I would've taken pictures all three days, but it was so fun! The first day they learned about abstract drawing, the next day was dot painting, and the last day was clay sculpting. It was a blast. Mostly. 
It started at 1 in the hot afternoon when Jackson SHOULD be napping, so he mostly just screamed the whole time. So let's say that the kids had a blast... and Mommy felt like my nerves were on a cheese grater. 

This picture is a big deal. Jackson has ALWAYS been terrified of the water. We've had to scrub him with a washcloth because he screams when we put him in the water. Lately however, he has really enjoyed being in the bathroom while his siblings take a bath. So this last time, I decided to ease him into the water while they were playing and VOILA! He was nervous for a few seconds but then started having a ball! Finally. 

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