Sunday, March 6, 2011

I can't think of a good title :S

     In December, we had Grayson’s speech tested. As a therapist once told us, this kid is unnaturally gifted cognitively (we’re pretty sure he is going to be a sporting legend), but it was really difficult to understand him. He failed the speech test, which sounds like it should be bad but it is a huge blessing! He got into this amazing free preschool that offers weekly speech therapy. When I was registering him in December, I had to sit and talk with his soon-to-be teacher and tell her my concerns and describe my child. I told her I was worried that he was very hyper and had a difficult time focusing. The teacher set a written goal that by the end of the year, Grayson would be able to focus at least 70% of the time in class.

    Parent-Teacher conference was a few days ago. I sat down with his teacher and she pulled out her goal sheet and literally laughed at me. She informed me that not only was Grayson the best behaved child in her class, but he was a role model to the other kids, and she had no idea why I was concerned! I thought she was joking!

     Well now I’m just plain jealous. Why can’t he be the best behaved kid at home? There are no well-behaved role models in this household! Sometimes, motherhood just isn’t fair.

On a side note:

     Usually, I take a shower while Barry is available to watch the kids, but yesterday I was in dire need of a shower and Barry was sleeping (for night shift). I chanced taking a shower by getting the kids set up with a movie. When I was finished and opened the door, Jaye was waiting for me with a huge grin. I noticed that her face was unusually glisten-y, and her hair was sticking straight up with some kind of weird goo. Upon investigation, I discovered half a stick of butter was missing from the table. BUTTER!!!

What could have possibly run through her mind, to inspire her to open the butter dish and put that nasty junk in her hair!?!?

The world will never know.


Emily said...

Oh Krystle....I feel you. Little Miss and her cousin fight like Liz and I use to and so I am always concerned when she is around other children. Turns out she is really really good in nursery! Kids are so silly...

How is his speech therapy going?

As for the butter...yikes....

On a side note: I know your a mom, preggo, and a student but you need to blog more. I love your stories. You make me smile. Keep it up.

Christina said...

so glad that Grayson is doing so well in school. My kids are like that too. super good everywhere as long as they are not with me.