Saturday, January 12, 2013

He can't handle the tooth

My son was casually eating an apple at the table when all of the sudden he started frantically saying, "My tooth! My tooth!" He ran over to me so I could examine the issue, and I could see his tooth had moved, significantly. Before I could explain this was normal (I was hoping this was normal), he wiggled his tooth with his tongue. And then exploded.

It scared him.
(Don't judge me for taking a picture in his moment of utter terror... but I had to send it to my husband who was missing the whole ordeal!)

After he calmed down a bit, I jumped online and read to him about loosing teeth, explaining that it was completely normal. After considering it for a while, he thought it was pretty cool that he was going to be like Ethan from primary. So it turned out to be fun. He kept wiggling his tooth all day, and when Doctor Dad came home, he popped it right out for him.
Grayson was so excited to call Mema and B-pa to tell them he "broke" his tooth. He was even more excited to be introduced to the Tooth Fairy. So naturally, my little artist had to draw her a picture.

He was so worried about whether to draw a boy or girl fairy, and what color the fairy is.

My little boy is getting not so little now.

Maybe that's why we're having another one. :)


Emily said...

I love the picture of him in terror because of the baby doll on the just made me laugh.

KymandKalab said...

I would have taken a picture too. So funny. Can't believe he's old enough for losing teeth! And I can't believe you're old enough (Well, WE are old enough, but I'm slow I guess) to have 4 kids! Congrats again on the pregnancy. Hope you feel better soon!