Monday, March 15, 2010

Math Equations by Krystle

**Part 1**

Babysitting+two two-year-olds= pain.

I was babysitting a little boy who is about the same age as Grayson.

They don't get along.

I could handle the bickering until the boys attempted to smash each other's appendages in my kitchen cabinets. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. I threatened Grayson with a timeout and began leading him from the kitchen. Being the terrible two year that he is, he decided to go limp in protest.

I wasn't expecting it.

That was the Grayson that broke Mommy's toe. Completely in half. It hurt. A lot. I now have to walk around in a nice surgical boot for three weeks. And of course, this happens about three days after I have been asked to choreograph the high school's musical.

**PART 2**
Baking+distractions= pain

Barry has been taking excellent care of his invalid wife. He decided to bake his famous cookies and grill steaks for dinner. Very ambitious! The timer beeped on the oven while he was outside so I decided to be helpful and answer the call. As I was pulling the cookies out, my brother, in his judgement of perfect timing, told me to look at Grayson.

I looked.

And without telling my brain, my hand decided to keep pulling out the cookies straight into my arm. That takes talent!

**PART 3**
Spending money+car= pain. emotionally.

Our local radio station holds an annual auction where local businesses can auction off gift certificates. As I was driving to get my haircut, I overheard one of the bids. A full-house insulation auction! Something we need to do in our house, so I called Barry and we decided to bid for it. A nice sum of money for poor starving college students. We won the bid! Yay!

About five minutes after winning the bid, my beautician notices that the back tire of my car was completely flat.

Naturally, on the day and minutes after we decide to spend our precious resources on the insulation bid, I manage (out of all the space on the road) to hit a tiny little nail.



Chris, Kerri, & The Boys said...

Oh Krystal...don't you just love weeks like that?? Hope you get will look back on this and laugh later!!

Elise said...

Krystle. I am so sorry. Life. Ugh.

Kathy said...

Hopefully there won't be anything else. I think you've paid your dues for this week.

The Peterson's said...

Life is wonderful with the ups and downs! Just remember we need downs to know how great the ups are!

KymandKalab said...

I was wondering if we were going to get an explanation from your facebook status. I'm so sorry. Bad things come in threes right? So you should be done now. I hope things get better NOW!

Anna and Stephen said...

Oh man, life is crazy, isn't it? Glad you are able to look back on it and hopefully laugh, right? And we hear you- last year after we decided to spend our meager savings on getting brand new super nice snow tires, 3 days later our transmission went out and cost a bajillion dollars. *Sigh*. Keep being the superwoman you are! Hugs!

Christina said...

so sorry all that happened. why didn't you call me? Life is silly sometimes and then that's what makes you laugh when you 'look back'.
luv ya girl.