Wednesday, June 12, 2013

No visit to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory for me... :(

         My mom keeps asking me if I'm showing yet, because I've kind of just looked fat for most of this pregnancy... so here is a picture of me at exactly 30 weeks. And good job to my five-year-old who took the picture for me.

Little over a week ago, I found out I have gestational diabetes. It was a huge surprise for me who has had incredibly healthy pregnancies the last three in a row. After talking with the dietician, I felt so overwhelmed that I cried pretty much for the rest of the day.

That. Was. An. Interesting. Day.

(Thanks to my sister-in-law Rachel who is the greatest motivational texter in the world! She talked me through a bad day.)

It wasn't emotional for me because of the actual diagnosis, but honestly, the stress of having to keep a log book and eat and check my blood at scheduled times every day. If you know me... I am NOT an organized person! So the thought of needing to be organized or risk harming my unborn child is a pretty big trial for me.

Fortunately, so far... it hasn't been too bad. My kids LOVE watching me poke my finger. Apparently the sight of blood never gets old for small children- I should take that little poker with me on trips or to restaurants and just prick myself when they get rowdy! It would keep them entertained. Genius.

Anyway, I have struggled with writing down every little darned thing I eat, but I met with the dietician yesterday and she said my sugar levels look great and that I'm doing a great job. The diet hasn't been too bad either. It has actually helped me feel a little bit better.

So, although I have this little trial to bear for a few more months, I am so grateful. It could be a WHOLE lot worse!

                                           But prayers are still welcome :)


Emily said...

I love you as you know, but no matter how old you get or how many children you have it plays with my mind a little to see you pregnant.

I still see you as 12 year old Krystle who played with me in the mud at Girls Camp...

That being said, you look beautiful! I wish I looked that good with my pregnancies!!!

KymandKalab said...

You look GREAT! So cute! I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis, but I'm so glad you're doing well with it. I will be keeping you and that baby in my prayers!